What HGV Driving Jobs are the Best?

July 12th, 2011

HGV driving jobs seem to be very plentiful these days.  A driver shortage across this country and others means good times ahead for those of us with our HGV or LGV licenses.  I have found many great opportunities throughout the past few months but I have also found some that are not so great.  So, you ask, what makes one opportunity better than the others?  In my experience the quality of a job really comes down to pay, location and flexibility.  I’ll explain more.

When it comes to pay, the more the better for everyone.  Make sure you know what your services are worth and ask for corresponding compensation.  In a market like this there is no need to sell yourself short.  A different of a couple dollars an hour can make a big difference in the weeks and months ahead.  Make sure you negotiate ahead of time.

How much do you want to be home at night?  This is really the question of location when talking HGV driving jobs and HGV training prices.  Do you want to be on routes that keep you on the road for several days at a time or do you want to sleep in your own bed at night.  The latter will mean less pay but better quality of life.  Up to you to choose but make sure you think it through.

Finally, how many days will you need to flex your life around work?  Some comapnies understand the concept of work life balance while others do not.  Make sure your company is understanding of your need to spend a day at home now and then when you are required.  A little flexibility will go a long way in making sure you stay happy for the years to come.

There are a lot of HGV driving jobs out there.  Make sure you find one that fits your lifestyle.  For me, this meant good pay, local routes and the flexibility to spend time with my family when required.  Drive safe out there!

What HGV Training prices are reasonable?

July 10th, 2011

HGV training prices are continuing to rise on the increased demand for training and qualified resources.  On the whole there is a shortage of qualified HGV drivers and this shortage means more people want to get proper training so they can take advantage of this opportunity for employment.  As such, many unreasonable costs have been cropping up around the area and it is important that you know what to look for so you do not become a victim of unnecessary costs.

What should you expect?

HGV training prices should reasonably inclue the following: class instruction, course materials, physical examination charges and practical examination charges.  These are all reasonable expenses that should be expected when looking to get your license.  Additional charges or fees should not be expected and should be reported.  We have seen thousands of dollars in fees added on to the already sttep costs to get your HGV or LGV license.  With HGV driving jobs being in high demand it is a trainers market out there and you need to be careful.

How can I keep from becoming a victim?

Make sure you go with a reputable training agency.  The fly by night agency looking to make a quick buck on the market shortage should be strictly avoided.  While staying away from recommending one particular agency, I would make sure you try and find someone who has been in business for many years with the stability and rock solid reputation to support the fees they are charging.  Immediate red flags are always ‘administrative fees’ and other ‘miscelaneous’ charges that add up at the end.  Additionally, make sure you pay for your training up front and make sure there will be no additonal charges.  There is nothing worse than getting through all but the last day of training only to find out there is an exhorbidant fee required to finish out your course.  Make sure you know how much everything will be up front and get the payment out of the way in advance.  Drive safe out there!